Meet the Owner

Lindsey Harrison is a well versed social media marketing strategist, speaker and trainer with a uniquely fresh POV on marketing in today’s world.
Lindsey Harrison is a well versed social media marketing strategist, speaker and trainer with a uniquely fresh POV on marketing in today’s world. Lindsey has successfully strategized, built and managed a multi-million dollar company’s social and digital brand presence; and found a way to monetize the social space by utilizing traditional marketing methods and brand power. From board meetings to conference calls with big brands she began to realize that companies, CEOs and marketing executives were eager to find out how she did it. She founded SocialCents Media to fill a void in a broad marketing channel where most companies, brands and executives are looking, but can’t find success in turning social into profit.
  • Award Winning Social & Digital Media Strategist
  • Consecutive Keynote Social & Digital Media Speaker
  • Proven Social Media Training Techniques
Lindsey is a North Carolina State University graduate with years of experience in PR, Marketing and Social/Digital Media. Throughout her career she has quickly climbed the ranks of the corporate ladder, created profit centers by strategically using social & digital media and been apart of an acquisition leadership transition team where her ideas help shaped a new company. In her latest role Lindsey found herself sitting in board meetings, participating in strategic lunches with CEOs and executive teams and consulting with some of the world’s most recognized brands such as PepsiCo, Red Bull, Coca Cola, General Mills, Nestle, Monster Energy, RJ Reynolds, and Wrigley to name a few. She has consistently proven value, ROI and sales growth through utilizing brand power in the social and digital space. Lindsey has a wealth of knowledge growing company visibility & driving product sales through social and digital media.
  • Consulted with some of the world’s most recognized brands
  • Collaborated with executive teams, company leaders and CEOs of fortune 500 companies
  • Proven strategies that grow sales, obtain ROI and company visibility
Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, starting businesses is in Lindsey’s blood. From an early age, everyone knew she’d rise quickly to any occasion. At three years old, she was standing on chairs giving incomprehensible speeches. By five she had tailored her skill to meal and nap time negotiations. By seven she had mastered the lemonade stand, door-to-door raffles and selling tickets to “skits” that she had directed. It was this innate drive that led Lindsey to start SocialCents Media. In 2008 she knew the value of social media marketing when she began helping PR agencies craft social presences for several clients, lead Millennial surveys and analyzed the effects of social media marketing. In 2011 she was tasked to create social & digital strategies for a fortune 500 company. Her work resulted in profit centers, keynote speaking engagements and campaign work with retail giants. It was then she quickly realized it was time to quit her job and take the plunge into entrepreneurship.
  • Knowledge of what it takes to be a business owner & the successes you’re looking for
  • Equipped with the drive to teach businesses how to be successful
  • Helping companies since 2008
Lindsey affords clients with a unique perspective: the Millennial consumer & marketer. She grew up with a smartphone in her hand, a Facebook account before you even knew what it was and very quickly realized the power she had as a brand’s consumer. It is this realization that has lead to her marketing successes and ultimately, the driving force behind SocialCents Media. Her strategies as a social media marketer have proven successful in creating loyal customers, brand advocates and ultimately sales growth for companies as a result of her uncanny ability to see marketing goals from the consumer’s POV. It is her innate ability to understand this marketing channel that sets her strategies apart from the rest.
  • Millennials are some of the quickest social & digital adapters
  • Millennials spend approx $600 million dollars a year
  • Millennials can be known to be your brand’s content creators and users

A Track Record of Success

Lindsey’s Worked With…

Lindsey has provided many value added services to me in the past with web based and mobile based pricing promotions. The promotions have been professional and executed in a timely manner. All promotions I have worked through Lindsey have been incredibly successful. She has added great deal of value to my company.
Lindsey has an impressive skill set for successfully managing a digital marketing platform and overall marketing efforts. In addition, she has strong project management and analytical strengths. She has suggested many positive solutions to challenges. I would certainly recommend her as a marketing professional.
I have had the pleasure of working with Lindsey on a regular basis over the last couple of years on marketing POP projects [on behalf of a mutual party]. Over the course of that time she has strategically developed [the company’s] social media strategies. She has also strengthened [the company’s] identity by listening to customers’ needs and establishing ways to meet them.
Lindsey holds herself to a high standard and is very efficient. She always gets the job done in a timely manner, above and beyond expectation. Furthermore she is a joy to work with.
I have found Lindsey to be a very bright and personable young lady, with the ability to quickly grasp new concepts. She is detail oriented and produced quality work in a timely manner. Although, only with us for [2 months], Lindsey will be missed. Lindsey will be an asset to any company that [hires] her in the future.