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Hi, It's Lindsey! I'm a marketer and a millennial consumer. Social Cents Media is my personal site/blog, where I share my opinions as a marketer and as your brand's "new consumer". I have a unique perspective that I love to share in hopes that it will help your brand grow into this new marketing environment. All views are my own. Enjoy!

Social & Mobile Marketing: Don’t Get Caught Up in the Hype of the Next Big Thing

I was honored to write a guest blog for GasBuddy’s sister company, OpenStore Loyalty this month. I was the keynote speaker for their conference in Las Vegas & was happy to give a glimpse into was discussed. 


There is no question that marketing as we know it is changing. Every. Single. Day.

We’ve all seen the statistics: 75% of the population brings their phones into the bathroom with them; and 90% of 18-29 year olds have trouble sleeping because – you guessed it – they’re busy texting, online shopping or surfing social sites until the sun comes up.

I’ve seen the results: 4000% product sales increase, 200% return on investment in the first few months and increased store foot traffic and loyalty.

Mobile and social marketing are relevant, but you know that. That’s why you’re here. You’re just not sure that the hype is real; or maybe you’re not sold on the best way to approach social and mobile marketing. That’s ok – you’re not alone.

Over the course of my stint with WilcoHess, Hess Retail and Speedway, I oversaw the conception and managed the development of 3 C-store mobile apps and 3 C-store websites in under 3 years that netted over 250,000 downloads and 5M+ views, over 22% above industry benchmarks. I did so with a customer-centric, multi-channel marketing strategy that was targeted and relevant to the customer. Easy enough, right?!
Broken down, there are five key things to think about when planning your digital marketing strategy:
1. Integrate your traditional methods
Don’t abandon ship! What has worked for you over the last 10 years doesn’t have to be scrapped. I find that this is the biggest misconception amongst my clients. Use what you’ve done in the past, but tailor it to resonate online and digitally. In actuality, when your mobile […]

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An Open Letter to Young Careerists

Note: I recently gave a speech at the North Carolina Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Club about the idea of “Superwoman,” “having it all” and, as a mentor, what advice I would give to young women who must make conscious choices with lasting consequences. Since the meeting, I have been contacted several times by business leaders, film producers and other candidates hoping to obtain a transcript of my speech. As a result, I am publishing it in hopes that it inspires others. -Lindsey

“At three years old I pulled my Fisher Price table set into the center of the room during a family get together, climbed atop and proceeded to boldly, and defiantly, give my first (& incomprehensible) speaking engagement. If you ask me, I am almost positive I was speaking on the economy, ways to balance budgets and more than likely slipped some nap time negotiations in there, but my mother remembers it as the first glimpse into what she knew would be a confident & independent young woman.

Since then I have been a consecutive keynote marketing speaker in front of thousands including the likes of Pepsi, Red Bull, Coca Cola, and some of the world’s most recognized brands. At 25 years old, after the company I worked for was acquired twice in 1.5 years, I turned down a long-term contract, moved back to Raleigh, bought a house and started my own company – a full service marketing agency focused on empowering brands in the new digital age.

Since my first “speaking engagement” at three years old I have learned a lot; and the beautiful thing is that I have so much more ahead of me to learn. I’ve learned that navigating the world we […]

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Who’s running your marketing department?

Let me just say it; I’ll be the one: It’s time to rethink how you’re running your marketing department. You know it; and I know it – what you were doing 10 years ago is not working in today’s environment. I mean, come on, what you were doing last year may not even be working.
The truth is, your customer has changed; and the way they consume marketing has simultaneously changed with them. The millennial generation is starting to make purchase decisions that impact your brand. These are consumers that have a mistrust for traditional marketing, rely on word of mouth more than any other generation and, most importantly, are connected to the world every single second of every. single. day.
I should know – I am one.
I wrote a blog post back in 2010 which I believe to be a telling and raw view inside the generation that companies are now marketing to: the millennial or, “the new consumer”. At the time I didn’t realize the insight I had, but four years later as a marketing professional, I find this to be my biggest asset and a big reason for the success of my marketing strategies.
It’s one thing to think like a millennial consumer, but it’s a whole different story to be one and/or innately understand how your company’s new consumer is analyzing your brand. I’ve read blog after blog and sat in meeting after meeting with very intelligent and incredibly experienced marketing executives and brand strategists, but I find there’s always one thing missing: their innate ability to understand how these new customers consume a company’s brand message. I firmly believe this isn’t something that can be learned overnight or, dare I say, learned at […]

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