“It’s high time you were shown that you really don’t know all there is to know.” -Dr. Seuss

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With hundreds of social media presentations to her credit, Lindsey offers companies a uniquely fresh perspective: Award-winning social media marketer and; Your company’s target social media user – the millennial consumer.

Lindsey has a unique perspective as a social media marketing consultant, speaker and trainer – she understands what the business AND the social consumer is looking to gain because she’s been on both sides. She credits her successes to the fact that she grew up with a smartphone in her hand, a Facebook page before you even knew what it was and experience working with CEOs, C-level Executives and one-on-one with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. She believes that when your company understands the social media space from your consumer’s perspective you’ll really be open for business.

Through her social media marketing speaking engagements, she has helped companies and brands grow sales, generate leads and create profit centers that added to the bottom line. It doesn’t start and stop with a social platform activation – it takes work. Gain knowledge on how to create social platforms to increase your bottom line, measure results correctly and engage with your consumers successfully using the tools and tricks Lindsey will share and has been using since 2009.



Why choose Lindsey to speak at your event?

      • Experienced Keynote Social Media Speaker: Lindsey has been the keynote social media marketing speaker at annual conferences in front of Pepsi, Coca Cola, Red Bull, General Mills, Nestle and other major retailers for consecutive years.

      • Lindsey has successfully turned Social Media Marketing into a profit center. Not only did she obtain ROI, the company made money and increased sales by effectively utilizing Social Media marketing channels. Need we say more?

      • Customized Presentations To Fit Audience: Lindsey has spoken in front of thousands and every time each attendee has walked away with a customized understanding of what’s in it for them.

      • A Unique Perspective As A Millennial Consumer & Marketer: Lindsey understands WHY you need to be on social not just that you do. Educating others on the importance and profitability of this understanding is a key focus of her presentations.



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