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“There are many things of which a wise man might wish to be ignorant”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let us do the “dirty” work.


You’re busy. We get it. You’re off doing big things: running companies, saving the world, balancing budgets, kicking butt, but did you hear that? All that chatter about your brand? Oh………. there isn’t any?

That’s awkward.

The world is more social. What are they saying about your brand? More importantly, if they aren’t saying anything, how much profit are you throwing away? Hundreds, Thousands… Hundreds of Thousands?

Let’s find out.



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What’s your brand story? What are your customers saying about you? In a world that’s more social, connected and valuable, we can help you craft brand marketing strategies that will help to catapult your company’s story, value and beliefs into the new digital age. 
Your social audit will be a jam packed 25-30 page professional report including an in-depth look at your social media efforts providing valuable insights.  Included will be a: brand assessment, competitive analysis, content strategy development, opportunity identification, mapping social landscape and analytical insights.

We thrive off of campaign work whether it be digital, email or direct. We will help plan, develop and execute your next marketing campaign ensuring that it’s visible, viable and profitable. 
We don’t want you to be like your competitors, we want you to be BETTER. Our team will take an in-depth look at what’s working and what’s not in your industry, provide you with a report and help you plan, develop and execute based off of the results. Don’t recreate the wheel, perfect it! 
Transparency, brevity & top of mind. That’s our basis for your communication strategy. Gone are the days of 1-800 # complaints. In todays world, your brand’s communication is critical. We can help.


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If you’re in need of social content development, print design or email templates we’ve got you covered. The beauty of our graphic design services is that your vision stays in one place ensuring optimal results and clear communication.
Whether it’s display, social, radio, or print advertising we’ve been there done that. With our expertise, we know how to leverage each opportunity to it’s maximum potential so that you can focus on the results and return on investment.
Now, more than ever, your brand identity is crucial. What didn’t used to matter is make or break in today’s environment. We can help you determine what your brand stands for and what differentiates you from competitors. Then, we’ll turn that into customized brand assets that will help your brand gain the recognition it deserves.  
Our web development team is comprised of rock stars who have built sites for some of the world’s most recognizable brands to local community businesses. Our team with help with everything from curating ideas and content, to development to hosting. 
If there’s one thing that’s key to the success of your business marketing it’s content. We’ve written copy for just about all aspects of marketing: blogs, radio spots, billboards, social content, adwords, etc. and we’re keen on what works and what doesn’t. Let us help you optimize your marketing. 


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Our team will monitor your social media activities on a month-to-month basis. This includes ongoing monthly reports on your company’s execution of social media strategies, content development, community management, editorial calendars and ad budget recommendations. You can also expect insights on community growth efforts, fan outreach, monitoring of industry best practices, social strategy execution and development of brand voice/persona. 
Editorial calendars are the bread and butter of our award winning social media marketing strategies. We’ve developed a process that allows you to see content that’s being posted a month in advance providing you hands-on control over your brand.
We live and breath by our data and analytics. Ensuring that you see the return on your investment, we provide you with CRM data (reach & engagement #s, open rates, link clicks, conversion information) that allows you insight into how your strategies are working. All packaged nicely for you each month. 
Your reputation online is crucial. We can’t stress that enough. We’ll ensure that your brand is controlled online as efficiently and effectively as possible.


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By popular demand, you can now hire our CEO, Lindsey, to manage your company’s marketing responsibilities including reviewing & analyzing all current marketing initiatives, development of immediate and long term marketing strategies and overseeing/managing implementation of said strategies and collateral. The benefit? You get 100% experience & knowledge for 50% of the price plus no benefits, healthcare or social security fees.

*Marketing Director service starts at $2,500+/month for 6 months & is on a first come first serve basis

Schedule weekly or monthly check-ins to discuss strategies, upcoming meetings, campaign ideas, social definition, employee training, brand voice development, traditional marketing integration and more. Lindsey has exchanged ideas with retail giants, lead discussions with CEOs and executive teams. In each meeting she brings thought provoking ideas that spark conversation. She will bring a perspective from that of your target customer and a successful marketer – a unique proposition
Have a single short-term project that requires in-depth management, analysis and planning? We can help.




Let’s Start From the Beginning: Why Choose Us?

  • Flexible Service Options. Choose what’s best for your team & budget
  • Experience working one-on-one with big brands to create profitable goals
  • Proven strategies that obtain ROI & overall growth to the bottom line
  • A unique & innate understanding of social media marketing & what works

Lindsey has spent over 35,000 hours working with companies like yours


Lindsey has provided many value added services to me in the past with web based and mobile based pricing promotions. The promotions have been professional and executed in a timely manner. All promotions I have worked through Lindsey have been incredibly successful. She has added great deal of value to my company.
Lindsey has an impressive skill set for successfully managing a digital marketing platform and overall marketing efforts. In addition, she has strong project management and analytical strengths. She has suggested many positive solutions to challenges. I would certainly recommend her as a marketing professional.
I have had the pleasure of working with Lindsey on a regular basis over the last couple of years on marketing POP projects [on behalf of a mutual party]. Over the course of that time she has strategically developed [the company’s] social media strategies. She has also strengthened [the company’s] identity by listening to customers’ needs and establishing ways to meet them.
Lindsey holds herself to a high standard and is very efficient. She always gets the job done in a timely manner, above and beyond expectation. Furthermore she is a joy to work with.
I have found Lindsey to be a very bright and personable young lady, with the ability to quickly grasp new concepts. She is detail oriented and produced quality work in a timely manner. Although, only with us for [2 months], Lindsey will be missed. Lindsey will be an asset to any company that [hires] her in the future.