“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” -Wayne Dyer

Correct your vision.

Your customer is changing.

They’re more digital-savvy, empowered and well-connected; therefore your brand is always on the cusp of make or break. It’s time that your company adapt to this reality and it starts from the top. Social Media training workshops are the most tactical and efficient way to revamp your company culture.

From experience, Lindsey has consulted with board members, CEOs, C-level executives, corporate and field employees and knows that explaining and deciphering social media is not a one-size-fits all agenda. There are certain things a C-level executive is looking to get from a social media marketing strategy versus that of a field employee. While the concept and strategy is the same, the approach and understanding will be different.

To understand how to be successful in today’s environment, book a Social Media Training Workshop and start your journey.

Our Training Workshops

All workshops are completed in half-day formats: 9:30-12:30 or 12:30-3:30.

Any of these workshops can be tailored to fit your needs, audience and/or timeframe. All workshops will discuss the definition of social media, the importance and the role social media plays in the marketing landscape and how your business can benefit, best practices, content strategies, social media monitoring and measuring statistics, risk mitigation, specific tools for your business and questions surrounding your industry. The generic workshops below are our most popular.


A Beginners Guide: Social Media Marketing

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C-Level Executive Social Media Workshop

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How To: Using Social Media as a Sales Tool

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Tips & Tricks for a Successful Social Strategy

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Field/Employee Social Media Workshop

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Creating Profit Centers Using Social Media

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Additional Examples of Past Topics Covered

  • Non-traditional/Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • How social media affects your business and bottom line
  • Field/Employee Participation; The “front line” of the business
  • Building Social Media Engagement with Consumers
  • How to’s & Specifics of Social Content Creation
  • Building Brand Awareness via Social Media
  • Channel Specific: Facebook how-to, Twitter how-to, etc.
  • B2B Successes & How-to’s
  • How to Create Profit Using Social & Digital Media Marketing
  • What Your Customer is Looking For on Social Media
  • How to Control Your Brand Presence on Social (Hint: Can you?)
  • Drive Product Sales and Company Visibility Using Social Marketing


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